Hybrid Battery Replacement for Toyota Vehicles

Dr Hybird provides professional Toyota hybrid battery replacement services. We offer hybrid batteries for a large range of Toyota models, including:

Our qualified technicians have years of experience replacing all sorts of Toyota hybrid batteries. We offer flexibility with various installation options. On-site installation is the most popular option; however, you are more than welcome to use a local mechanic in your area or self-install.

  • On-site installation at our workshop, which is free with your hybrid battery purchase.
  • Local mechanic installation, where we send the battery to your preferred local mechanic. Please note you will need to confirm with your mechanic that they are able to install the battery for you. You also need to make the necessary bookings. Installation and any costs charged by your mechanic will be covered by you.
  • We also offer instructions for a DIY installation. 

There are cases where a replacement of your Toyota hybrid battery might not be necessary. Instead, the battery might simply require reconditioning or repair. This can extend the life of your battery, without the price tag that comes with a battery replacement. If you are unsure, book a reconditioning service so we can assess the health of your battery and recommend solutions based on your needs and budget.