What Is The Core Deposit About?

When does the Core Fee Deposit apply?

The refundable Core deposit fee applies ONLY if you select DIY Installation upon checkout.

If you select In-House Installation, Mobile Installation, or Network Installation, the technicians will collect your old battery and the deposit will not be charged.

Why do we charge this fee? 

Batteries from DrHybrid are priced on the basis that we gain ownership of the battery pack that was replaced. What do we do with used batteries? We put together good modules and subject these modules to our repair and reconditioning process to complete a battery pack. Once it passes our strict quality standards, the battery pack is sold as a refurbished battery unit.

How does this benefit you?

We are able to offer you better prices on batteries because we can use your old one after it is repaired.

When is this deposit charged?

The Refundable Core Deposit Fee of $500 is charged during checkout only if you select the DIY Installation option.

When is it refunded?

When you select DIY Installation, we will send you the battery pack along with pre-paid return labels and instructions on how to pack and return the complete used battery, including the computer and other components that were removed from your vehicle.

As soon as we receive the package and ensured that it is complete, we will refund you the $500 Core Deposit Fee.

What happens if I do not return the core?

If you do not return the core by the date indicated, the $500 deposit will not be refunded.