Hybrid Battery Installation Options

When you purchase your hybrid battery, you will be asked to select your preferred installation method. Whether you prefer to come into our workshop or self-install, our hybrid battery installation options are designed to offer your flexibility so you can choose whatever is most convenient for you.

In-House Installation

Your hybrid battery purchase comes with FREE in-house installation service at our workshop. Should you wish to avail of this, simply advise our team during your purchase.

Preferred Technician Installation

 If you are unable to visit our workshop, you may opt to have a local mechanic/technician install the battery for you. Make arrangements with your local mechanic and advise our team of the delivery address for the battery. Please note that you will bear all costs charged by your technician/mechanic.

DIY Installation

If you're handy with cars and can manage a DIY Installation, you can choose to self-install your new battery. We will send you instructions on how to do this yourself. Our team will also be accessible online to assist you should you have any questions.