Hybrid Vehicle Preventative Maintenance and Repair

In addition to hybrid battery reconditioning, repair, and replacement services, we also offer a wide range of hybrid vehicle maintenance services. We offer preventative maintenance services in order to keep your vehicle in check to prevent any problems happening in the long term, and can also fix any existing issues your vehicle may have.

Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance Vs Traditional Vehicle Maintenance

We understand that there is a perception that hybrid vehicles can be expensive to maintain due to them including newer technology and components that do not come cheap when there is a problem and they need replacing. We can confirm that hybrid vehicles do not cost more than a traditional vehicle, and can in fact be cheaper to maintain. Hybrid vehicles often use their electrical power when not moving or moving at lower speeds, whereas traditional vehicles will idle and the engine will constantly be under use. Most hybrids have regenerative braking technology, which means that you will get much more use from a typical set of brake pads and discs in comparison to a traditional vehicle. Hybrids are designed in such a way that the electrical components assist the mechanical components in order to put less strain and wear and tear on them, this means you can go longer in between oil changes and some other service related requirements. There is however one downside to all of this, which is that the batteries are often very expensive to replace - this is why we strongly suggest utilising our services in order to keep your vehicle in good shape and prevent any issues. With our scanning service for example, we will be able to detect and pick up on issues with your car before they become big and costly.

Our Repair and Maintenance Services

Below we have compiled a list of the most popular hybrid vehicle services, if you require any of these or a service that is not listed, please do not hesitate to call us or visit our shop. 

Hybrid Vehicle Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

These are often used in order to identify a problem which you are unsure about or need clarification on, troubleshooting is usually the first step to finding out and repairing any issues on your hybrid vehicle.

  • Master Warning Lights - these are usually accompanied by an additional warning light such as low tyre pressure, low coolant or low fuel.
  • Check engine lights and other related dash lights such as the associated cruise light, VSC light or skid control light.
  • Brake warning lights such as ABS
  • Expert advice and code checking with one of our specialists

Hybrid Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is strongly advised for your hybrid vehicle to make sure it is always in optimal condition and functioning at maximum efficiency. If you have maintenance carried out as soon as you are aware of any issues, this will save more damage and costly repairs happening later in your vehicle’s life.

  • Engine related inspection and mechanical repairs.
  • Hybrid transaxle and powertrain inspection, servicing and repair.
  • Hybrid power system maintenance such as inverter and auxiliary system.
  • Electrical troubleshooting, diagnosis and testing.
  • Vehicle computer repairs, updates and diagnosis.

Preventative Maintenance for Hybrid Vehicles

Preventative maintenance is probably one of the best things you can do for your hybrid vehicle, this will make problems less likely as your car will be regularly services and inspected to make sure everything is running correctly. The sooner issues are caught, the better, so having one of out specialists regularly checking and working on your vehicle means you will be aware of any issues right away rather than waiting years and receiving a big repair bill. Regular servicing will also increase and help you sell your vehicle easier, especially if it is high mileage. When buyers purchase vehicles, having a vehicle with full service history will make them have more trust that the vehicle has been looked after and will therefore last them longer with less chance of any issues arising.

  • Engine oil change and filter replacement.
  • Oil system filtering and cleaning to make sure it is free from blockages and giving correct lubrication at all times.
  • Multi-point inspections for leaks, damages, fluid levels and belt conditions.
  • Air filter replacement and cabin filter replacement to ensure your vehicle’s airflow is always clean and fresh.
  • Auxiliary battery testing to identify issues before they arise or become expensive.
  • Long life engine coolant swap, to prevent corrosion and stop freezing and overheating.
  • Hybrid inverter coolant swap to prevent overheating and freezing.
  • Hybrid transaxle fluid replacement to extend transaxle life and prevent breakdowns.
  • Brake bleeding and changing fluid in order to keep the brake pedal firm and make sure maximum efficiency with no air locks.
  • Spark plug replacement for maximum efficiency and ignition coil inspection.
  • Cleaning of intake and duct system, preserving life of the catalytic converter.
  • Calliper lubrication and inspection makes sure your brakes are operating correctly and there is less chance of failure.
  • Brake shoe adjustment to keep maximum braking efficiency.
  • Emergency brake adjustment to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible.
  • Tyre rotation and brake inspection to improve tyre wear and make sure your vehicle is safe.
  • Brake pad and rotor replacement after wear on your existing ones.
  • Tyre replacement and other related services via our local partners.
  • Air conditioning services such as performance testing and recharging.