Hybrid Battery Services

Fault Code Analysis

If the check engine light in your hybrid vehicle is on, come visit us to have your car scanned. Leaving it that way could be making the underlying issue worse. The warning light could mean many things - regenerative braking issues - poor electrical connection, or a glitch in the PCM - among other things. It can also indicate that your hybrid battery is weak or failing.

We will perform an OBD scan of your vehicle, advise you of the code and what it means. We will also attempt to clear the code.

If extensive work is required to clear the code such as repair of a faulty battery, we will provide you with a quote before we proceed with further work.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Fault Code Analysis page.


Regular Service 

The hybrid's ventilation system cools the battery to keep it operating at its optimal temperature which is below 43C by drawing air from the passenger compartment. In doing so, it collects dust particles which stick to the air fins and clog the fan. If the fan is dirty or clogged, the air flow to the battery is obstructed, and the battery does not get flushed with the cool air that it needs to run smoothly.

Regular service includes a fault code analysis as described above, plus a fan/filter check and cleaning. 


Pre-Purchase Inspection

Are you thinking about buying a used hybrid vehicle but you don’t know the remaining life of the battery? Considering that in some instances the battery can be worth more than the car, it is essential that you ensure it is in good working order. 

We perform a series of unique, thorough tests and assessments to determine the battery's life cycle. We scan for any faults with a reset diagnostic scanner to see the maintenance and history of work. We inspect all points for corrosion and tampering evident of previous repair. We inspect the filter and vents to perform a stress evaluation. We provide you with full results of the battery check. The information provided to you during these tests puts you in a good position to evaluate your purchase or the price of the vehicle. 


Battery Reconditioning

Hybrid battery reconditioning combines a number of procedures to reverse the aging process and bring your battery back to life. We use state-of-the-art equipment that shows the true state of each module in your battery - voltage, resistance, amp hours (A.h), and all. 

The modules are re-configured and the battery is discharged well below the level that your vehicle would naturally allow under normal operation (deep discharge). Then, the battery is charged. A 20-hour iteration of this process continues. This deep-discharge-charge procedure restores the capacity of the modules. This cycle is repeated several times to stabilise the modules and bring them to a common state of charge.

If you would like to learn more, visit our Battery Reconditioning, Repair, and Replacement page or contact us for advice.



Battery Repair

Standard cars have more or less 30 modules and 3-5 may need replacement after 200,000 km on the road.

Our Hybrid Battery Repair service includes full diagnostic balance to discover damaged cells and leaks which may require additional parts. We will advise you how many cells are high resistance, leaking, or have failed. We will replace damaged/irreparable cells. Should there be extensive damage that is not repairable, we will advise and quote before moving forward.

The modules then go through several deep discharge-charge cycles, bringing them to a common charge and optimising their performance. 

If you would like to learn more, visit our Battery Reconditioning, Repair, and Replacement page.


Battery Replacement

If your hybrid battery cannot be reconditioned/repaired, we offer both brand new and refurbished options. Our refurbished batteries are assembled in-house using the same technology employed for reconditioning and repair. We utilize quality modules to construct high-performing battery packs, all of which come with a warranty.

We provide various installation options allowing you to select the most convenient method for you. Installation of reconditioned or brand-new aftermarket batteries is free, as the price includes all costs. Charges apply for mobile and network installations. If you choose to install the battery yourself, we will furnish you with detailed instructions. Please note that a refundable core deposit fee applies.