Nissan Leaf 63kW CATL Modules Battery – Complete Solution - DR HYBRID
Nissan Leaf 63kW CATL Modules Battery – Complete Solution - DR HYBRID
Nissan Leaf 63kW CATL Modules Battery – Complete Solution - DR HYBRID
Nissan Leaf 63kW CATL Modules Battery – Complete Solution - DR HYBRID

Nissan Leaf 63kW CATL Modules Battery – Complete Solution

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PRODUCT: Brand-New Yaste NMC Battery Replacement for Nissan Leaf Battery Upgrade complete solution kit


This product listing is for the sale of 1 unit of Brand-New CATL battery module pack for Nissan Leaf complete Battery solution which fits:
– Nissan Leaf 2011 -2017


This battery has been fully tested and is safety certified. It is supplied ready for installation.


Driving range exceeds 480km

Brand – CATL
Voltage: 355v
Current: 180Ah (4S1P)
Nominal Capacity: 63kwh
Total modules per pack: 24
Working Temperature: -20 – 55 degrees Celsius


Kit inclusion
– Battery modules
– Wiring harness
– Bus bars
– Battery module brackets
– Canbridge




Each battery will be delivered in 1 wooden crate.
Total shipping weight from: 350 kilograms


Each battery order will come with an instruction booklet and installation guide. Please refer to the manual/guidelines when installing this battery.
Installation of this product should only be attempted by a qualified technician.
Wear appropriate protective gear such as insulated gloves and proper clothing.
Use only appropriately insulated tools.
Do not mix our battery modules with those of other manufacturers , our CATL modules are numbered matching the numbered cable to be paired with , mixing or connecting incorrect labeled connections will result in damaging the battery ( BMS)
Do not mix our new battery modules with semi-used battery modules.
This battery comes with a manufacturer 2-years warranty
We require ALL the necessary procedures to be taken prior to installation of any battery. Please refer to our checklist for more information. Failure to do so can void any given warranty.
Warranty division will assist in enquiries , a qualified technician will be required to liaise with our technical team for assessment
Shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.
Hybridtek EU does not accept any labor claim.
Hybridtek EU does not accept any consequential loss such as loss of earnings or vehicle hire.
Hybridtek EU will not accept liability for the failure of any ancillary components unrelated to the battery that has been supplied.
The voltage of this battery pack is very high! There is a shock hazard which can cause injury or even death.
Handle all batteries with care. Avoid vibration and/or impact. Do not cast, roll, or tilt the batteries.
Handle all batteries with the appropriate equipment and clothing.
Avoid storing hybrid batteries for long periods of time, install within 90 days following delivery
When storing or transporting the batteries, please ensure they are well secured.
Ensure a licensed carrier is transporting this product.
Protect the battery pack from rain during transport, and keep the ambient temperature below 55°C.
Store the battery pack in a cool and dry place (a temperature range of 5-25°C)